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The Lion King 3 is a follow-up prequel to the 1998 film The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. This depicts the story of Mohatu, the first king of Pride Rock, and the war that shaped the foundations of the kingdom.

The"Grand War" is the first turning point in Pridelander history. It is fought between the first Pridelanders and the powerful Seljuk kingdom that originally settled in the Pride Lands.


The story is now set 300 years earlier. Pride Rock was still a kingdom back then, but it was ruled by a different family. Rafiki states that the powerful Seljuks from the East invaded and took the Pride Lands by force. They are led by a powerful war hero named Shen. He soon seized control over the savanna and established the first Pridelander monarchy under Seljuk rule. However, Shen refused to become king himself, and decided that the only way to keep or restore order is through the army. Mohatu and his pride was one of the families threatened by the Seljuks, and to prevent any harm to his pride, Mohatu swore to serve Shen and the kingdom. Mohatu was just a cub.

One day, Mohatu was wandering through the savanna when he stumbled in the middle of an antelope stampede. As he ran for safety, he collided with another cub and the two fell into a nearby pond. The cub becomes irritated and takes her anger out on Mohatu for interfering with her "hunt." But she soon recognizes Mohatu as a servant of the Seljuks. She introduces herself as Nira (Nala's ancestor) and the two become close friends. Both of them make their way back to Pride Rock, not knowing that Shen and his son Pharsalus are watching from a nearby hill.

Pharsalus soon becomes suspicious of Mohatu, but Shen assures him that even if Mohatu should be suspected a traitor, "he will break one way or another." Shen was planning to use love, not force, as a means on controlling Mohatu.


  • Matthew Broderick as Simba/Mohatu: The main protagonist in the original film and this story. Mohatu is a close firend and mate of Nira, and the first king of Pride Rock. He is based on Julius Caesar.
  • Moira Kelly as Nala/Nira: The deutaragonist in the original film and this story. Nira is a close friend and mate of Mohatu, and the first queen of Pride Rock.
  • John Shrapnel as Shen: The main antagonist and the leader of the Seljuks. Shen is the warlord of the Pride Lands.
  • Simon Dutton as Pharsalus: The secondary antagonist, a leader of the Seljuks, and Shen's son.
  • Karl Johnson as Labienus: A secondary antagonist and a leader of the Seljuks.

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